OLYMPIC FLASHBACK: Liberia’s Olympic History

 Liberia made its entrance onto the Summer Olympic world stage at the 1956 Games in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, Liberia has attended EVERY Olympic Game, with the exception of the 1968, 1976, 1980*, and 1992 Summer Olympics. Liberia has sent a total of 42 athletes to the global competition (31 men and 8 women). The athletes, who have had the honor to represent Liberia are listed below.

1956 Melbourne Australia

  • George Johnson, Edward Martins, Emmanuel Putu, James Roberts

1960 Roma, Italy

  • George Johnson,Alifu Massaquoi, Emmanuel Putu, James Roberts

1964 Tokyo,Japan

  • Wesley Johnson

1972 Munchen, West Germany

  • Thomas Howe, Edward Kar, Thomas N’Ma, Dominic Saidu, Andrew Sartee

1984 Los Angeles,United States

  • Oliver Daniels, Grace Ann Dinkins**, Augustus Moulton,Wallace Obey, Samuel Sarkpa, Hassan Tall, Nimley Twegbe (**first female athlete)

1988 Seoul, South Korea

  • Samuel Birch, Oliver Daniels, Tommy Gbay, Thomas Stephens, Sammy Stewart, Simeon Stubblefield, Nimley Twegbe, Melvina Vulah

1996 Atlanta, United States

  • Sayon Cooper, Robert Dennis, Grace Ann Dinkins, Kouty Mawenh, Eddie Neufville

2000 Sydney, Australia

  • Hannah Cooper, Sayon Cooper, Grace Ann Dinkins, Kouty Mawenh, Koiyan Morlu, Andrew Reyes, Paul Sehzue, Bobby True

2004 Athina, Greece

  • Gladys Thompson, Sultan Tucker

2008 Beijing,China

  • Jangy Addy, Kia Davis, Siraj Williams

2012 London, Great Britain

  • Jangy Addy, Phobay Kutu-Akoi, Raasin Mcintosh, Kou Luogon, Levi Saryee

*The original post failed to mention the missed 1980 games. The correct information has been updated in this post.

7 thoughts on “OLYMPIC FLASHBACK: Liberia’s Olympic History”

  1. I am happy and so impressed by the Information put out on the years and athletes that participated. It gives us a good chance to assess and also provide our People & the World with a fair account of where Liberia has been and has yet to go! …..(Like that Manseen Lewis & others are very instrumental in making a difference for present and future young Liberian athletes!) Our interactive efforts will make an impact, as our Nation & Authorities may have to wake up, to a new and progressive phase of what it takes to grow, build and develop great athletes for our Country, nationally & internationally! In short, we as concerned writers & promoters need to step up a creative & professional process, to move ‘Sports & Athletics’ on a higher plateau, than its on presently Inside Liberia! TOGETHER WE CAN!!!….THANKS!!!


  2. thanks for your prompt reply. i would appreciate it highly. i am told Liberia has more officials than athletes and that those officials are not even sports officials. anyay wish u d best. with the names, i can share some details with you. i am former sports editor of a local daily in liberia, the inquirer newspaper.


    1. You’re welcome. The newspapers, more than likely, are the best forums to address those concerns. I’ll gladly share anything I discover. However my focus is on supporting the athletes, promoting Liberian Pride, and sharing Liberian Olympic updates. Thanks for your comments.


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