LIBERIA’S FINAL ATHLETE: Jangy Addy (Decathlon)

Tomorrow at 10am BST, Liberia’s final athlete, in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, will take to the field. Jangy Addy will be competing in TEN events, over the period of TWO days. This young Liberian athlete has already obtained an international GOLD medal for Liberia during the 2011 All-Africa Games in Mozambique. Addy has also represented Liberia at the previous Olympics in Beijing. On August 8th, Liberians around the world will be tuning in to Liberia’s final opportunity to acquire a 2012 Olympic medal. Regardless of what place Liberia takes in this event, we are proud to have qualified and we are proud of Jangy Addy for representing the nation. Visit his page on the site to wish him well. Below is his schedule; we will be updating his page with results as they become available.

*The 400m Decathlon race will be televised on NBC-NY 4:30-5pm EST. For immediate results from London’s Official Olympic Page CLICK HERE

19 thoughts on “LIBERIA’S FINAL ATHLETE: Jangy Addy (Decathlon)”

  1. Was asked to pass this message along:
    Peachtree Elementary followed your Olympic competition. We are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Best Wishes for your future. Mary Pederson


  2. Jangy God’s blessing and good luck. We are so proud of you. Thanks for representing Liberia and Liberians all around the world.


  3. I’m sitting here at my computer with tears of joy running down my cheek. God Bless you my brother and no matter the outcome you have won in my book. Me and my whole family will be cheering you on and yelling at the TV.


  4. Cindy Kirksey says: So proud of you! I am bragging about you to all my classes. You make Pinckneyville and Norcross proud.


  5. Jangy 1at of all i say God bless u for representing our country Mama Liberia. may God bless u and guide u as u bring Gold medal to mama Liberia.
    from a Liberian living in Ghana


  6. keep thinking about you training to be a “navy seal” in my hot tub during my 8th grade birthday party… and sara dermer thought you were training to be a “baby seal” – now you are an olympian. kind of baller my dude 🙂


  7. Jangy! So very proud of you and happy for you! Leave it all on the track! Madeah please make sure they say his name RIGHT! LOL.


  8. Good luck Jangy! Wishing you all the speed and strength to compete to your very best! The Norcross community is behind you!


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