OLYMPIC UPDATE: Jangy Addy (Decathlon)

With Day 1 of the 2012 London Olympic Decathlon event over, Liberia is ranked 20th out of 31 competitors. However, this is not the final ranking. Tomorrow will determine each countries ultimate ranking in the Decathlon at this years Olympic Games. Jangy Addy gave a stellar performance finishing FIRST in each heat that he raced in.  You can view his Overall performance below (note: each rank represents his place in his competition heat or group). Stay tuned for part two. Tomorrow, Addy will attempt to improve his rank by competing in the 110m Hurdles, Javelin, Discus, Pole Vault and 1500m. Wish him well and be sure to congratulate ALL of the athletes, who have represented Liberia at this years Olympic Games.

Jangy Addy finishes 1st in 100m heat

6 thoughts on “OLYMPIC UPDATE: Jangy Addy (Decathlon)”

  1. Jangy, we are in prayers with you as you intercede for Liberia in the prestigeous London 2012 olympic. I crave the Government of Liberia and all well meaning people who dwell within our territorial confines and beyond to give Jangy the needed moral and other relevant support. Bravo Jangy!


  2. I sincerely support fellow compatriot Jangy Addy for ably representing the gallant and proud people of the Republic of Liberia. Comrade, every Liberian is in constant and true prayer with you as you embark on yet another challenges today. Go Jangy Go! Win Jangy Win! Victory Jangy Victory.


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