Liberia has completed its participation in the 2012 Summer Olympics and done well. As the London Olympic Games near an end, stay tuned for the Paralympic Games, which will begin August 29th and last until September 9th. It’s been announced that Liberia is scheduled to have a Power Lifter represent the nation in this year’s Paralympics! As we wait for the CLOSING CEREMONY of the Olympics and the OPENING of the Paralympics,  let’s review the current TOP TEN medal countries. The Olympics is scheduled to end August 12th; the site will be updated with more information on our Liberian Paralympian as it becomes available.

* EIGHT African nations have received medals, so far, at this year’s Olympics: South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, Botswana, Gabon, Morroco

CLICK HERE for a FULL MEDAL COUNT. CLICK HERE for the Official Paralympic Webpage.


  1. BIG BRO,

    I life nothing comes easy and if it does its not worth having let the haters keep hating and let the clowns keep debating you already made us proud you have nothing to prove to nobody you are already a winner we love you from TROKON, MOM, BOIMA


  2. I must say I’m appauled by such ignorant comments. May I remind you that Liberia has made great strides to rebuild after decades of war. Yes we did not come back with a medal, but we should still be proud of our athletes who have trained and have done their best. You should not minimize their efforts. The other countries who have won medal have the appropiate resources available to them and have trained for years to win their medals. The question or comment should be directed to our government and ask them what are they going to do to build the appropiate facilities, hire the best trainers, and fully commit to our success in future olympics. You are entitled to your opinion, but I strongly encourage you to direct your frustrations with the Liberian government not our atheletes who work so hard with limited support, limited training facilities, inadequate coaches, not to mention limited financial resourses to support themselves. I am sure I am not alone when I say I am very proud of our Liberian Athletes.
    With God all things are possible. I truly believe our day will come.


      1. Others are bringing back gold. For us, we did well…er… Wait a minute. The gold is the other people’s thing. We just went to repruzent-very well… I just broke the taboo again.


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