LIBERIA’S POWERLIFTER: James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa

The flames of the 2012 London Summer Olympics have been extinguished and most of the participants have returned to their origins. However; the GAMES are NOT over yet! With only 2 weeks until the 2012 PARALYMPIC flames ignite, symbolizing the start of the 2012 Paralympic Games, let’s take a moment to welcome JAMES “BOBBY the BIG” SIAFFA to the World Stage.

SIAFFA is a Liberian Powerlifter. He will be making History as the FIRST Liberian to compete in the Paralympics. The Paralympics is an international sports competition for extraordinary  athletes with physical disabilities. The name “Para”lympic is used to express the game’s parallel format to the Olympics. Powerlifting is the ULTIMATE test of upper body strength, pushing athletes to lift over THREE times their bodyweight in some cases. SIAFFA’s recent lift of 170kg/374lbs, at the World Paralympics Powerlifting Championship in Malaysia, qualified him to represent Liberia in the 2012 London Games.

“Despite my disability it has always been my dream to represent Liberia on the International stage.  My goals include being ranked as one of the top Paralympics power lifters in the world, and finishing among the top-10 at the 2012 Summer Paralympics Games.”

As Siaffa prepares to make his dream a reality, let’s cheer him and Liberia on. You can leave  a comment for Siaffa by Clicking Here. You can view the Paralympic Games from August 29th- September 9th by Clicking Here. In the mean time the site will be updated with more info and images on Liberia’s FIRST Paralympian James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa.

19 thoughts on “LIBERIA’S POWERLIFTER: James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa”

  1. Big Bro we are so proud of you thank you for making history and repping for your country we just waiting for that phone call telling us you one we praying and with the grace of GOD you will love you from MOM, TROKON, and BOIMA love you and good luck BOSS!


  2. Bobby, I believe in u gr8ly n I kno wit God above, u r goin 4 d GOLD……….!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations in advance as u make Liberia proud 2moro in d Men’s 82.50kg Power Lifting………….


  3. With or with out your disability,you can accomplish what ever you put your mind to. Go and do your thing big man.God bless you boddy.


  4. We are rooting for you, Bobby. Make Liberia proud by putting us in the news again with your attempt to bring home a Gold Medal. Go Bobby Go!!!!!


  5. Keep up the good work! You look like a strong man who could squeeze the daylight out of anyone who tries to mess with you. I wish you win and make Liberia proud. May God bless you in representing our beloved country-Liberia, and hope you accomplish your dreams.
    Good Luck Big Man.


  6. Keep doing what is best for you brother,and i wish you all the best in jesus name.congrate and keep focus and God will see you through.


  7. Siaffa (my name sake with one “F”) looks very capable. Wish you all the best Bro! I hope you don’t mind my asking, what’s your disability? The writer/reporter did not mention the key info that qualifies you to be a Papralympian, if I may coin the word.


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