Earlier this month Emmanuel Matadi won the men’s 200m African Championship bronze medal. Five years before that, Jangy Addy won the men’s Decathlon All-Africa Games gold medal and Kou Luogon won the women’s 400m hurdles All-Africa Games bronze medal. These world-class competitors are just three of many Liberian athletes who have shined on the international stage.

Liberians don’t usually hear about these names until the Olympics arrive, but these athletes don’t disappear and reappear every four years.

The Olympic road stretches far beyond the opening and closing ceremonies.

Between the four years, a number of international competitions take place with the burden of attending these matches placed on the athlete’s back. Some of these athletes are blessed to have access to small resources that can assist them in training and traveling. Still, there are many whose lack of financial and administrative support eliminates their potential to shine.

During the Rio Games, Liberians will cheer for their team, but what will happen after? The Liberian National Track Team will still need those same cheers and support.

Go Team LIB

Within the next few weeks the team will launch an official site where supporters can endorse the athletes. Liberia has many talented runners with the potential to dominate the sport and bring the country even more pride.  Liberians should take this as an opportunity to add fire to the flames these top-notch athletes have sparked.

Enjoy the video below—a look at Liberia’s past Olympians.

*Note: Tomorrow, Saturday July 23, Matadi and Kromah will compete at the American Track League Houston Meet. The competition will air on ESPN2. This is their final match before Rio. Wish them well.

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