Liberia’s first ever appearance at the Paralympic Games occurred at the London 2012 games with James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa who placed seventh overall in Powerlifting .  Siaffa will journey to Rio 2016 to compete once again. According to the International Paralympic Committee website, Liberia also has an 18 year old Powerlifter registered to compete—Morris “Wonderful” Massallay. The official list of competitors will be released on the Rio website just before the games begin. With three days left until the Paralympic Games begin, let’s get ready to cheer on Liberia’s strong man Siaffa and his potential teammate Massallay.

What is the Paralympics?  The Paralympics is the highest level international sports competition where extraordinary  athletes with physical disabilities can defy the odds for a chance to win a Paralympic medal. The name “Para”lympic is used to express the game’s parallel format to the Olympics.  This year, the games will be hosted from September 7-18 in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.

You can follow updates on the Paralympic Games here.  Make sure to follow @LIBolympicBlog on Twitter for live tweets during the Opening Ceremony.

Watch the Paralympics here.

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