Liberia’s Results at the 2017 Cross Country World Championships

Eighteen year-old Lucy Massaquoi and sixteen year-old Andrew Kpehe represented Liberia at the 2017 World Cross Country Championships in Kampala, Uganda on Sunday March 26. Massaquoi finished her 5858 meters in 27:41. This placed her 94th out of the 97 women under 20 years-old, who completed the race. Her time was 9 minutes and 7 seconds slower than the fastest runner, Ethiopia’s Letesenbet Gidey.

Kpehe represented Liberia in the Under 20 Men’s Race. He also trailed in the competition, finishing 7858 meters in 30:14  (7 minutes and 34 seconds behind the winner, Uganda’s Jacob Kiplimo). Kpehe ranked 97 out of 101 competitors, who finished the race.

Cross Country
Andrew Kpehe and Lucy Massaquoi. (Photo taken from FrontPageAfrica Online)

Although both young runners finished at the tail end of the race, they completed the course. With consistent training,  support, and good health these two young athletes could improve.

Training for long-distance races takes physical and mental endurance. Marathoner Reid Coolsaet wrote an article sharing “Training secrets of Kenyan runners” (considerably the most dominate athletes in long-distance running).

  1. Be Consistent
  2. Train Hard
  3. Rest Hard
  4. Run on Soft Surfaces
  5. Train in Groups
  6.  Do Proper Warm Ups
  7. Eat a Nutritional Diet
  8. Don’t Stress

As Massaquoi and Kpehe continue to train, other Liberian runners should join them. Coolsaet wrote, “Running with a group can provide that extra push during hard runs and it can help keep the easy runs leisurely with chit-chat.” Best wishes to these two runners as they carry on their training.

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