Featured Image from Liberia Football Association

Before any match up/game, one will likely see athletes with headphones on.  Look a little closer and spectators can feel the passion from the intense look on the player’s face. Focused eyes stay ready to conquer the opponent. Athletes internalize the blaring sounds and release that energy on the field. Music has the tendency to do that. It affects moods, inspires ideas, gives senses of encouragement, but most of all brings people together.

Liberian artists have long paid homage to athletics in verse and beat.  Bea Barclay’s classic song, Remember, gave listeners a stroll down the memory lane of Liberia’s football greats.  Epee et Koum’s Lone Star Player was an ode to Liberia’s national superstar George Weah and the men who played alongside him.  Let’s not forget the age old question, “You for IE or Barolle?”  Homes can be divided for the answer alone!

Bea Barclay Meme
Bea Barclay “Remember”

Fast forward to now and the fusion continues to flow through Liberia’s new artists.  With a different flare added to tribute songs, the bond between music and football remains stronger than ever.  Artists like CIC and Christoph the Change, represent the new generation of Liberians putting their unique stamp of sound on the international music scene.

New artists create a fusion of bass, snares and organs with Liberian colloquial to create Trapco, the Liberian version of the U.S. based Trap Music. Artists also display a unique version of Hip Hop music called Hipco. As Liberians strive forward, let us continue to support the athletes and the artists because they do it for the fans.  They do it for Liberia.

Support Liberian Music
Image taken from @Sambialieu

Press play below to hear producer/composer CIC’s new song about Sekou Jabateh Oliseh, one of Liberia’s well-known footballers.

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