At LIB Olympic Blog, we hope to see Liberia’s presence at the Olympic Games expand, but we’re not looking for just any representation. We are looking for the “cream of the crop.” We desire to watch competitive Liberian athletes perform on the world’s stage. After all, we believe that sports unite us.

Here is our first list of Liberian athletes around the globe to watch. Consider this our  Liberia Olympic Team wishlist.

Joy Kollie: Marathon Runner (Liberia)

Joy Kollie (Image taken from Liberia Marathon Facebook).

Many online articles list Kollie as “one of Liberia’s best marathon runners.” Her 2013 record for running a marathon —26.218 miles or 42,195 meters— is 4:19:28.  This time does not meet Olympic standards. However, this recorded time is almost four years old. Kollie has been running since then and placed third in Liberia’s 2015 10k race . She would need to cut her 2013 time almost in half to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.  Our eyes are on Kollie. Read this intriguing article about her athletic journey.  Follow the Liberia Marathon on Facebook.

Freddy Kiwitt: Boxer (London)

Freddy Kiwitt (Image taken from

We scrolled across Freddy “Pretty Boy” Kiwitt lifting weights in Saclepea on an Instagram video.  Upon further research, we discovered he is an astute Liberian boxer ranked 8th in Germany, but residing in London. Currently, Kiwitt fights in the  welterweight division. He has won 11 out of his 12 fights with an impressive 6 knockouts. He is absolutely worth supporting. Follow his Instagram and Twitter.

Mark Kimball: 400 Meter Runner (US)

Mark Kimball (Photo taken by Veronica Foley of Gateway Sports).

Mark Kimball is another Liberian athlete making headlines. The News Tribune wrote an article about Kimball’s exceptional speed. Kimball ran the “19th-fastest 400-meter time ever for a freshman in the state of Washington,” during his 2016 season. Kimball’s 50.21 time misses the Olympic qualifying mark by about 5 seconds, but he is young and full of potential. The Gig Harbor high school sophomore is one to watch and support. Check out his athletic profile.

Ajiea Hargrave: Gymnast (US)

Ajiea Hargrave (Image taken from Instagram @Ajiea_Lee

Ajiea Hargrave is an All-Around gymnast in her senior year at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Hargrave received outstanding scores on her 2016 vault and floor exercise performances. She averaged 9.698 on the Vault (highest score 9.875) and 9.689 on Floor Exercise(highest score 9.9), last season. Not only can she perform well, the Liberian-American gymnast has experience in coaching. Her Facebook profile shows that she has worked at an elite gym in Pennsylvania training younger gymnast. Hargrave could be an asset to Liberia in more than one way. Support her on Instagram and Twitter.

Victor Nagbe: Kickboxer (Australia)

Victor Nagbe (Image taken from W.L. Fight Photography)

Last week, Victor “Hot Chilli” Nagbe won the 2017 World Middleweight Kickboxing Championship in Australia. Although Kickboxing is not an Olympic sport, Nagbe is still an exceptional athlete to watch. Thus we’ve included him in this list. Maybe Nagbe could begin learning an Olympic martial sport, such as Judo. Either way, we are impressed. Encourage Nagbe on Instagram and Facebook.

Kamara Biawogi: 400 Hurdle Runner(US)

Kamara Biawogi (Image taken from Instagram @kcbiawogi).

Last year, Kamara Biawogi set a personal best in the 400 hurdles. That time —52 seconds— was 2.2 seconds shy of the 2016 Olympic entry standards. The Fresno State senior has much potential to drop those seconds and join the Liberia Olympic Team in Tokyo. We’ll keep an eye on him this season and wish him well. Support this Liberian athlete on Instagram .

This list is not even a fraction of the talented Liberian competitors in Liberia and around the globe. Scroll through LIB Olympic Blog to read about other elite Liberian athletes. Follow each of these athletes on their journeys. Offer them words of encouragement, when possible.

We will add to this list, over time. Which Liberian athletes would you add to this wishlist?






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