Liberians proudly shout “Team LIB,” year round. It’s the unofficial abbreviation for all things Liberian. In the past, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) assigned Lebanon the LIB country code. Why? Because of France. Between 1920 and 1943, the French held Lebanon under colonial rule and redefined the area. They stretched its borders into parts of Syria and renamed the country Le Liban.

From 1964 to 2016, Lebanon used the LIB code at the Olympics, but it looks as though that will soon change. The third and current abbreviation for the Lebanese Olympic Committee is LBN. That releases the LIB code. Why let a good code go to waste?

Liberia Flag Map

We’re not sure how Olympic team coding works, but here are five reasons the IOC should exchange Liberia’s LBR code for LIB.

1.  Liberians Already Use The Abbreviation LIB

In the same way Liberians call every canned fish “tin napper,” we’ve dubbed our country LIB. It doesn’t matter if that is not the politically correct term. Once, a name sticks it is stuck. The IOC might as well jump on board.

2. LIB Sounds Better Than LBR

It’s easier to chant and we make it sound so good. Especially with the Liberian accent. It just rolls off the tongue. Ehl-aye-be.

3. We’ve Already Made A Meme

4. Lots Of Lebanese Live In Liberia

In the 1970s Many Lebanese fled Lebanon to escape their civil conflict. The Lebanese make up one of the largest foreign populations in Liberia. It only makes sense to pass the LIB abbreviation to a country that has such a significant amount of Lebanese residents.

5. This Blog

LIB Olympic Blog. It’s all in the name. Enough said.

In all seriousness, it would be nice to make our “LIB” chants official. What do you think? If possible, should Liberia change its Olympic code from LBR to LIB?

Take the poll on our Twitter page.

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