Featured image taken from FiftyFive.One (Daniel Mick)

FiftyFive.One, a Minnesota based soccer news platform, recently posted a story about Minneapolis City midfielder Martin Browne, Jr.  In the article, Browne shares his extensive soccer  journey from Liberia to Minnesota.  The soccer player shares the pinnacle moment he received a call from the Liberia National Football Team coach, James Debbah, offering Browne a possible spot on the team.

“He gave me a call, he liked what he saw, and while he didn’t promise I’d get a chance to play, he said there was an opportunity with the games coming up.”

Martin  Browne, Jr.

The article goes on to share a follow-up call from the Liberia National Football Team requesting Browne at the June 11, 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Zimbabwe. “It’s a blessing in disguise, happening now,” Browne said.

Click here to read the original article written by Kyle Eliason. Congratulations to Martin Browne, Jr. and best wishes to Liberia’s National Football Team the Lone Stars.

Martin Browne takes part in a counter attack in a friendly staged ahead of Minneapolis City’s 2016 U.S. Open Cup qualifier. Image courtesy of Daniel Mick. 

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