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Liberia’s FIRST UP: Levi Saryee

Liberia’s first athlete to take the 2012 Olympic stage is Levi Saryee. Saryee will be competing in the 81kg JUDO Match on Tuesday July 31. The event will begin at 9:30a BST and will continue throughout the day concluding at 4:20p BST.  You can view updated results and images on Saryee’s athletic page as we receive new information.Best wishes to Saryee as he represents Liberia in the JUDO match.

The Liberia Judo Federation is a member of the African Judo Union, which sits under the umbrella of the International Judo Federation. These organizations officiate all official events related to JUDO and maintain the standards and rules of the sport. Click here for more information regarding these groups.


100m Sprinter Phobay Kutu-Akoi leads the 2012 Liberian Summer Olympic Team into London’s Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony. She is joined by four of her teammates (left-right: Kou Luogon, Raasin Mcintosh, Levi Saryee, Jangy Addy) and Liberian officials.

The first Olympic event that Liberia will be participating in is the JUDO competition. We will be following Mr. Levi Saryee as he represents Liberia in the JUDO match.


Welcome to the unofficial 2012 Liberian Olympic Team Page. Liberia is a country filled with many talented and skillful athletes. This site was created to provide information about the results of the top athletes who make up this year’s Liberian Olympic Team. We applaud and commend each athlete that has qualified to compete at such a prestigious level; and will do our best to cheer them on as they represent Our Dear Liberia.

The theme for the 2012 London Olympics is “Inspire A Generation.” Against all obstacles, these athletes have proven that they can compete with the BEST of the BEST in the WORLD. As we root for our country’s team, I hope that you will be inspired to tap into your own greatness. Not just for the advancement of yourself, but for the assured success of our nation.

“…In Union Strong, Success Is Sure,We Cannot Fail.”  

2012 Liberian Olympic Team

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