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The Liberian Observer shared some great news, over the weekend. Liberia’s national athletics team won four medals at the West Africa Region II Senior Championships and the ECOWAS Junior Tournament in Conakry, Guinea. The competitions were held May 12-14, 2017.


OPENING CEREMONY: Liberia during the 2016 Parade of Nations

The Parade of Nations is the most highly anticipated portion of the Opening Ceremony.  Typically, nations display outfits of their respective cultures.  For Rio 2016, many nations decided to go the casual route in simple pieces of blazers and slacks/shorts sets; similar to Liberia’s outfit choice in its first appearance at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne.

The traditional full garb of Liberia made its appearance at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul and has remained true to this style even now in Rio.

Opening Ceremony Liberia

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Liberia’s Results at the 2016 African Senior Championships


Liberian female sprinter Ada Udaya placed 3rd in her 100m heat and 4th in her semi-final heat, at the 20th African Senior Championships which began Wed. June 22.

Udaya, along with other global track & field athletes, is fighting to qualify for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games. The athletes have until July 11 to clench their spot among the 2,005 international track stars who will compete  in Rio.

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ONE FULL YEAR has already passed and the next Olympic Game is just THREE YEARS away. Time is flying, but it’s never too early to start preparing. Click Here or copy and paste the link to a very brief article on Liberia’s Boxers as they prepare to qualify for the 2016 games…ENJOY!


Friday Cartoon: “On the Brain – Mrs Martha Ricks” (1891)

Thanks to The Badger’s Sett for this AWESOME post :)!

Liberia’s time in London has passed, as far as the Olympics are concerned. However, I can’t help, but share this beautiful piece of Liberian/British history…. Click the “Friday Cartoon” link to read the story. Enjoy and stay Tuned!!!

Friday Cartoon: “On the Brain – Mrs Martha Ricks” (1891).

via Friday Cartoon: “On the Brain – Mrs Martha Ricks” (1891).

PARALYMPIC EXCLUSIVE: Interview with James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa


Below is an exclusive interview with, Liberia’s Power Lifter, James “Bobby the Big Siaffa.” Thanks to everyone who showed support by viewing this page and leaving comments for each athlete. Ciao, Until Next Time; Be Inspired, Be Curious, Be Blessed.

1. How did you get to the 2012 London Summer Paralympic Games? (What was the process, what steps did you have to take to become Liberia’s 1st ever Summer Paralympian?

A: My first international competition was in Dubai March 2010 I lifted 130kg/286. Then in July I was invited to the world championship in Malaysia where I lifted 175kg/385lbs. That qualified me for the Paralympics Solidarity training program. Where  I attended training camp for 2 months in Cardiff, Whales.

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PARALYMPIC UPDATE: James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa

On September 4th 2012, Liberia made its FIRST EVER Summer Paralympic appearance. James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa represented Liberia in the 2012 London Summer Paralympic 82.5 kg Power Lifting competition and placed 7th out of 14 competitors. Siaffa met his goal of placing in the Top Ten by lifting 190kg/419 lbs! This is an AMAZING debut for Liberia. Siaffa gave a remarkable performance. The competition concluded with Ireland placing First, China– Second, and Egypt– Third.

Below are some images from the competition. Once again, Congratulations Bobby for making it this far. May you have many blessings toward your continued success.


With LESS then 24 hours until the 2012 London Summer Paralympic Games begin, Liberia’s Paralympic Committee and athlete are welcomed into London’s Olympic Village. Today, Liberia and London exchanged gifts in honor of the 2012 Games. This is a BIG year for Liberia; Power Lifter, James Bobby “The Big” Siaffa, will be making HISTORY as the FIRST athlete to ever represent the country at a Paralympic Game.  Siaffa entered the village with Coach Nagbe of Monrovia and Liberian Paralympic Committee  Members.  Bobby “The Big” is scheduled to compete on Tuesday September 4th in the Power Lifting Competition. This leaves SEVEN days until Liberia makes its debut in the Paralympics. The Opening Ceremony of this year’s game begins tomorrow August 29th; wish our representative well as he makes history for Our Dear Nation.

Feel free to revisit this page for images of the Welcoming Ceremony. Below are some photos of Bobby the Big and Committee Members.

LIBERIA’S POWERLIFTER: James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa

The flames of the 2012 London Summer Olympics have been extinguished and most of the participants have returned to their origins. However; the GAMES are NOT over yet! With only 2 weeks until the 2012 PARALYMPIC flames ignite, symbolizing the start of the 2012 Paralympic Games, let’s take a moment to welcome JAMES “BOBBY the BIG” SIAFFA to the World Stage.

SIAFFA is a Liberian Powerlifter. He will be making History as the FIRST Liberian to compete in the Paralympics. The Paralympics is an international sports competition for extraordinary  athletes with physical disabilities. The name “Para”lympic is used to express the game’s parallel format to the Olympics. Powerlifting is the ULTIMATE test of upper body strength, pushing athletes to lift over THREE times their bodyweight in some cases. SIAFFA’s recent lift of 170kg/374lbs, at the World Paralympics Powerlifting Championship in Malaysia, qualified him to represent Liberia in the 2012 London Games.

“Despite my disability it has always been my dream to represent Liberia on the International stage.  My goals include being ranked as one of the top Paralympics power lifters in the world, and finishing among the top-10 at the 2012 Summer Paralympics Games.”

As Siaffa prepares to make his dream a reality, let’s cheer him and Liberia on. You can leave  a comment for Siaffa by Clicking Here. You can view the Paralympic Games from August 29th- September 9th by Clicking Here. In the mean time the site will be updated with more info and images on Liberia’s FIRST Paralympian James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa.


Liberia has completed its participation in the 2012 Summer Olympics and done well. As the London Olympic Games near an end, stay tuned for the Paralympic Games, which will begin August 29th and last until September 9th. It’s been announced that Liberia is scheduled to have a Power Lifter represent the nation in this year’s Paralympics! As we wait for the CLOSING CEREMONY of the Olympics and the OPENING of the Paralympics,  let’s review the current TOP TEN medal countries. The Olympics is scheduled to end August 12th; the site will be updated with more information on our Liberian Paralympian as it becomes available.

* EIGHT African nations have received medals, so far, at this year’s Olympics: South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, Botswana, Gabon, Morroco

CLICK HERE for a FULL MEDAL COUNT. CLICK HERE for the Official Paralympic Webpage.