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Emmanuel Matadi runs the men’s 100 meters today. The Event starts at 12:30 pm Liberian Standard Time and 8:30 am US Eastern Standard Time (5:30am US Pacific Time)

Mariam Kromah runs the women’s 400 meters today. The Event starts at 2 pm Liberian Standard Time and 10 am US Eastern Standard Time (7 am US Pacific Time).

Where to Watch:

NBC Online

If you know any other ways to watch the event online, please share.



Mariam Headshot

Mariam Kromah is part of the two person team representing Liberia in Rio. The 22 year old and her family moved from Liberia to Fort Worth, Texas, during her childhood. In May, Kromah placed first in the Conference USA Championship winning the 400 meters for Southern Miss and gaining an automatic ticket to Rio for Liberia. Her faith and determination have carried her far. She shares a bit about herself here.

  1. Why do you want to run for Liberia?

I want to run for Liberia because that is where my mother is from. For some reason the country is being shown in a negative way, even though the place is really beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong there are also bad parts, just like any other country, but I feel like people are more focused on the bad part than the good part. This is why I want to use my talent to represent Liberia and put my country on the map.

2. How long have you been running?

I have been running since my freshman year in high school.

3. How do you feel about the Rio experience, so far?

Mariam at the Opening Ceremony
Mariam at the Opening Ceremony

The Rio experience is overwhelming, but you have to focus and know what brought you here in the first place.

4. What is your favorite Liberian Dish?

I love Fufu, Cassava Leaf and Rice, Jollof Rice and a lot more.

5. What message do you have for Liberians watching?

Be yourself. Be humble, thankful, faithful and know what your goal and purpose in life are. Don’t be afraid to dream big because anything is possible. Always thank Allah and those around you.


OLYMPIC UPDATE:Liberia’s Mcintosh Women’s 400m Hurdles

Today Liberia made its second appearance on this year’s Olympic stage. Raasin Mcintosh took to the track to compete in the Women’s 400m hurdle event. The results are in and Liberia has placed 6th in heat 2 round 1 with a time of 57.39. and will not be advancing on to the semifinals taking place Monday August 5th. Let’s Congratulate Raasin Mcintosh for her efforts in this year’s Olympic games. There is no current information on whether Kou Luogon has competed. The site will be updated as soon as that information becomes available.

The final athlete to represent Liberia in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games is Decathlete Jangy Addy. He will be competing on Wednesday August 8th. Make sure to stop by his page and wish him well.

LIBERIA’S 2012 OLYMPIC TRACK TEAM: National Record Holders

As the countdown begins to the Olympic Track & Field Competition, Liberians are tuning in closer to the London Olympic Games. The Athletics(Track & Field) Event is Liberia’s strongest event, at each Olympic Game. The FOUR,National Record Holding, Athletes who are scheduled to compete for the next TWO WEEKS are gearing up to light the track on fire. Let’s take a closer look at how they hold up.

PHOBAY KUTU AKOI-Women’s 100m *2 National Records

picture taken from LIAF.ORG

National Record(s): Outdoor-100m 11:52(-2.6m/s); 4x400m relay 3:33.24

RAASIN MCINTOSH-Women’s 400m Hurdles *1 National Record


National Record(s):Outdoor-4x400m relay 3:33.24

KOU LUOGON- Women’s 400m Hurdles*4 National Records

National Record(s):Outdoor-400m hurdles 55:55; 4x400m relay 3:33.24; Indoor- 200m 24.30; 400m 52.92 OT

JANGY ADDY-Men’s Decathlon*5 National Records

National Record(s):Outdoor- Pole Vault 4.40m; Shot Put 16.86m; Discus Throw 47.08m; Javelin 57.10m; Decathlon 8025pts

You can follow these athletes as they compete against the rest of the world and fight to accomplish their personal best at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Click on the 2012 Liberian Olympic Team menu to get competition dates and results. Leave a comment of SUPPORT for your favorite 2012 Liberian Olympic Team Athletes.

*Note:Liberian Athletes can be followed year round at the Liberian International Athletic Foundation’s Webpage. Click Here to view.