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2012 OLYMPIC REWIND: Liberia’s Leymah Gbowee Carries Olympic Flag

The Olympic flag is carried during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, July 28, 2012.
Ezra Shaw, Pool — AP Photo

Liberia is making an impressive mark at this year’s Summer Games. Liberian Humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee was one of the eight individuals elected to carry the Olympic Flag into London’s Olympic Stadium. The honorable event took place during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games on Saturday July 28th. Gbowee was joined by the following:


  •  Shami Chakrabarti, one of Britain’s leading civil liberties campaigners
  • Ban-ki Moon,the United Nations Secretary General
  • Doreen Lawrence, mother of teenager Stephen Lawrence whose life was taken in 1993 exposing “institutional racism”
  • Sally Becker, known as the Angel of Mostar for rescuing children in war-torn Bosnia
  • Marina Silva, Brazilian Environmentalist campaigning for the protection of the Amazon Rain forest (note BRAZIL will be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro)
  • Haile Gebrselassie, Highly accomplished Ethiopian long distance track and road running athlete
  • Daniel Barenboim, Israeli Argentine born pianist and conductor
  • Muhammed Ali,one of the world’s greatest living sportsmen. Highly acclaimed Boxer, philanthropist and social activist

According to the Telegraph, Each person was chosen to carry the symbol of humanity because they portrayed values of the Olympic movement. It is truly an honor for one of Liberia’s own to be counted among the few that are bestowed such an honor. Follow the site to be updated on Liberia’s involvement in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and feel free to leave comments of support.